July Update

First, and most importantly, I am happy to inform you that Days Four and Five have now been posted, and the Research and Notes page has been updated with two new documents – an interview with a former trainer and a preliminary report analyzing B children who have been newly acquired by the WE facilities.

Second, I want to let you know the two purposes of this blog.

  • It will be a way to let any readers know when the story is updated. I plan to update at the beginning of every month from now on.
  • Also, it will be used to show my sources for the Research and Notes page. So, for that one reader who is wondering “how does this site actually connect to the controversy over the captivity of killer whales,” I’ve now got your back.

This first blog entry has links to articles (if there are any) for all the current Research and Notes entries.

 For January 10-16:

The Recorded Conversation was inspired by the discussion of the capture of killer whales in Blackfish from minute 10 to minute 14.

The Open Letter was inspired by this document from SeaWorld:


Ethical Conundrums in the B Trade was inspired by a number of responses to the SeaWorld open letter, including the following articles:



For January 17-23:

The two “scientific studies” have their origin in a number of articles on child development that my brilliant sister so kindly lent me.

The link to the Keith Papers came from examining entries at the Harry Ransom Center website.


For January 24-30:

The preliminary report is loosely based on this document about Tilikum – the killer whale featured in the documentary Blackfish.

The other document was based on a number of interviews that former trainers have given following their time working at SeaWorld. Here are a select few interviews I have collected.

John Hargrove Interview

Dr. Jeffrey Ventre Interview

Select Interviews from Cetacean Inspiration Website

So, there you have it. If you happen to be curious about any other possible sources for the first four chapters, feel free to contact me.

Other than that, I hope that you’re enjoying the story so far. Don’t be shy about heading over to the Contact Me page and letting me know what you think.


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