Website Redesign

After much thought (and much prodding from my two editors), I redesigned this site. The research documents are now integrated into the story as chapters. So, anyone who had trouble with the former Research and Notes page, come back and try me again! I think the story will be easier to follow this time around.

Just one note about the new chapters – the researcher’s comments are now on post-its spread throughout each research document. I didn’t want to lose these comments entirely, and this was the easiest way to place them into the documents. Hopefully, they aren’t too distracting.

Please let me know what you think about the redesign. If you have suggestions how to make the story better and/or easier to read, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Thanks, everyone, for reading!


4 thoughts on “Website Redesign

  1. I’m actually disappointed that you changed the format of the research documents! Before, I was amazed at how realistic you made them look (Also, it was more obvious what the researcher had underlined). Is that what others advised you to do? Oh well, you can’t please everyone! The rearranged placement is fine.

    • Yes – several readers commented to me that they found the research documents difficult to navigate. They also weren’t sure how the documents and the story fit together because of the pdfs. So, I changed the format. Sorry that you don’t like the change!

  2. One thing I miss is that before we had two parallel stories – the boy living the horror of what was happening to him and the graduate student piecing together the story as part of his/her academic research. There was a clever contrast there. Now most of the researcher’s personal story has been lost, the documents are just that, background documents. You probably did have to change something, but I feel like the baby got thrown out with the bathwater…

    I hate to complain because obviously you thought it through a lot. Just a little vote of appreciation for your “before” vision.

    Caelum Lex is a space opera serial that is mainly told in textual chapters (with illustrations) but also inserts extra “documental” snippets like emails between the characters, scribbled notes, etc. It’s a much simpler story with simpler support materials than yours, but I think it’s a good example of making that format work.

    • I definitely see what you’re saying (and thank you for all your comments!). I wanted to do some really ambitious things in this story, but I felt that the side bar about the researcher was pulling focus and making the story too difficult to follow. Plus, I wasn’t really sure how to tie the two plot lines together in the end. I’m definitely not opposed to making changes, though, if you have suggestions.

      And I’ll have to check out Caelum Lex. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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