April Update

Well, I didn’t update Friday like I’m supposed to, but it’s still April, so, technically, I still made my deadline.

The new chapter The Year – June 2403 to May 2404 has now been posted. There are also two new research documents posted: Research Document 26 and Research Document 27. These documents were inspired by the Nonhuman Rights Project and by the legislation that was under review in San Diego last year.

Below, you will find several links about this legislation.

Bill Would Ban SeaWorld Orca Performances

California State Legislature Moves to Ban Orca Shows

The Beginning of the End of Orcas in Captivity?

If you’re interested in what our researcher is up to, check out her email to Dr. Greiner: UChicago Messages, Subject: Help?.

If you have the time (or the inclination), leave me a comment, and let me know what you think about the new chapters.

If you really like what you read, you can vote for my story at Top Web Fiction by clicking here. Or if you would like to rate or review my story, you can go to Web Fiction Guide here. I really appreciate all of you who have stuck with me! Thanks for reading and commenting!


2 thoughts on “April Update

  1. I don’t think it’s the performances that are the problem, but the fact that they are in captivity – in a confined space. I think zoo animals with nothing to do but pace or swim around their enclosure are even worse off.

  2. Absolutely agree with you.

    For the story, this was just a starting place.

    (Also, the stopping of the performances has more to do with a safety issue that will be addressed later in this third section – as well as the recognition that being taught how to perform tricks is not an adequate education for the children, despite what WE claims.)

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