Research Document 14

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on January 31, 2423

WorldEducate-Chicago Incident Report: #0023

Overview of Incident: Possible attempt to injure trainer H. Binns

Child ID: WEC-G5-M004

Description(s) of Incident:

1. Filed by J. Meno

RD 14.1During glider training, M004 aimed his glider at primary trainer (H. Binns). M004 only deviated from his desired course when secondary trainer (J. Meno) intervened. Due to behavior in previous incidents, it is believed that the actions of M004 were deliberate rather than accidental. M004 did not protest punishment (removal from the glider and termination of training session). No further behavioral problems occurred.

2. Filed by H. Binns

During glider training, M004 became distracted and chose a less than ideal course in his circuit around the training room. M004 was startled out of his course by secondary trainer (J. Meno) leading to a loss of control of the glider. M004 did not protest removal from the glider or from training session. The lack of further behavioral problems and the lack of protest reveal that the actions in the training room were likely not deliberate.

Claims to previous behavioral problems also seem unfounded. M004 possesses a higher than normal intelligence and a curious nature. Any previous behavioral issues can be viewed as the normal exercise of curiosity (or boundary testing) since none of the behavioral abnormalities were repeated. These problems could also stem from failure to provide adequate mental stimulation.

RD 14.2 RD 14.3 RD 14.4


1. Camera feed (#234) revealed M004 motivated food incident. Behavior not repeated.

2. Interview with P. Stiles revealed M004 has abnormal capacity for learning and presumed high intelligence.

3. Interview with Y. Rosen revealed M004 possesses the ability to influence behavior of others. J. Meno’s reports and interview second this finding.

Conclusions and Recommendations:RD 14.5

It is likely that M004’s behavior was not deliberate. However, the level of control M004 exhibits over those in WEC-G5 is troubling and could lead to significant complications. Therefore, we recommend moving M004 to a different facility. This will ensure he receives the stimulation necessary to prevent further boundary testing and will also safeguard his continued welfare and the welfare of the trainers.

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