Research Document 17

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on February 14, 2423

WorldEducate Visitor Comments

Our visitors often have a truly spectacular experience while visiting our facilities. But don’t take our word for it! Hear our visitors rave about their time at WorldEducate by selecting any of the videos below. (Transcripts are provided for those with hearing impairments.)

[Video File One]

Transcript: “WorldEducate is one of our favorite vacation destinations. There’s something for every member of the family. Our kids love the attractions and the shows, and, as adults, we love the tours that explain the training techniques and the work that WorldEducate is doing in the B Plains. The trainers and tour guides are so knowledgeable, we always leave feeling like experts. We visit twice a year and are never disappointed

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[Video File Two]

Transcript: “My favorite attraction is viewing the training sessions. I could watch these sessions for hours. The trainers are amazing—incredibly patient and accommodating. The smaller children are so cute and so determined to learn, and the focus of the older children is remarkable. I love to see the children help each other out, too. It makes me feel good to know that WorldEducate is helping create a family atmosphere for these children especially since they have all lost their homes and families. Definitely make sure that you take the time to sit in on one of the training sessions. You won’t regret it!”

[Video File Three]

Transcript: “I’ve been so impressed with WorldEducate’s work on the B Plains. Every time I visit, it seems like they’re involved in some new project to help the children they’re housing or to help rebuild B communities. The humanitarian work that they do should be more publicized and more highly commended. WorldEducate is more than just entertainment.”

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[Video File Four]

Transcript: “The shows are amazing. It seems like they’re always adding in new features, so every show is unique. The trainers do a flawless job directing and controlling the children, and the high-flying acrobatics are simply exquisite. I have seen a vast number of the cirques that are currently touring, so believe me when I say that the WorldEducate acrobatic shows are far superior to any others I’ve seen. Highly recommend this top notch entertainment.”

[Video File Five]

Transcript: “It’s so funny to watch them train. The little kids fall over all the time. I laughed a lot.”

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