Research Document 18

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on February 21, 2423

E. Newsome’s Diary

April 5, 2403

Got paired with Martin today. Dani finally had to move him from working with the older kids because he was just sure that M013 was screwing up deliberately just to annoy him. She told me that putting him with the smaller children would either teach him patience or make him quit. I got the feeling she was hoping for the latter outcome.

Note 8 Note 9

I ended up letting him take the lead with the intermediates since he was already wound up about being transferred away from the older kids. Initially, everything went fine.

Then, Dani asked us to start working with the two beginners that had been transferred over in the past week. I was surprised because a couple days before Dani had recommended to the admin that the younger ones be trained separately and left out of the shows for at least another two or three months so that they could get caught up. Her request was apparently denied. (Would have been nice to be invited to sit on that meeting.)

Note 10Neither of these kids has been in the system more than 40 days, so I wanted to start with more basic skills (the kinds of things they had been doing in the prelim training) but Martin overruled me. He said that they were going to have to learn the more difficult behaviors at some point anyway, so we might as well toss them in and see if they could swim. Surprise, surprise—they couldn’t. Which, of course, irritated Martin and rather than thinking (like any logical person would) “oh, they can’t do this skill—let’s back up and try something more basic” he just cranked up the volume of the tone signal, kept playing the same command over and over again, and kept allowing the kids to fail over and over again. And then he refused to let the kids get their morning snack.

Dani let me have the intermediates alone for the rest of the morning and the afternoon. Martin went to do glider training with Chris, so I didn’t have to see him for the rest of the day.

Note 11

I put in a formal request (and Dani said she’d push it through) to have independent training sessions with the two youngest kids for the next couple weeks. I should be able to get them to learn at least a couple behaviors, so they can be brought out at the end of the show and everyone can ooh and aww at how cute they are.

Bonus: I won’t have to work with Martin anymore.

April 6, 2403

This morning we went in to get the kids for the training session, and our newest addition was missing. So, I went to the bunk room to get him.

He was a mess. I can’t even describe all the injuries. One entire side of his face was bruised, and his eye was swollen shut. There was caked blood under his nose and in his hair. I couldn’t look at him for too long.

I called Dani over, and she called in medical. We left before they arrived, but Dani told me later that the kid would be okay. Just needed a couple days to recuperate. I asked her about filing a report. She said it would be difficult to accomplish anything with a report since we don’t know who else was involved. I asked about the surveillance cameras we have placed in their quarters. She said that we had to allow the children space to solve their own conflicts.

I think we’ve got a problem if the kids are trying to solve their problems by beating each other’s faces in. I’m filing a report this afternoon.

Note 7Note 12

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