Research Document 20

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on February 28, 2423

WorldEducate Memo

Note 27To: Trainers, Medical Personnel, and Other Key Staff Members
From: J. Tow, Senior Trainer; M. North, Senior Safety Specialist; P. Aarons, Senior Technical Specialist; U. Traeger, Head Physician
Date: April 16, 2403
Priority: High
Subject: Microchip Installation Complete

The final microchips for Group WECh-1 have now been installed, and the errors in the system have now been corrected. Included below is an itemized list of how these chips can and should be used:

1. Chips can be used to track and locate any child in the WE collection.

2. Chips can provide immediate medical information for any children in the WE collection. This information can accessed from any terminal. Only the child’s WE ID number is needed. (MEDICAL PERSONNEL AND TRAINERS ONLY: Please remember to check the medical information prior to administering medication or treatment.)

Note 283. Chips can also be used to assess emotional states by monitoring chemical levels throughout the body. Trainers can use their PCDs to access this information in real time. Shortcuts can be created for individual children so info can be accessed more quickly.

4. In training, chips can be used to apply small shocks to the children to correct any behavioral anomalies. It is recommended that these chips not be overused in this function. Tolerance to the shocks can be built up over time. The children also respond more positively to touch-based reinforcement.

Note 29 Note 30

5. Should a trainer or any other staff member be under immediate threat of physical harm from one of the children, the shocks administered by the chip can be amplified to incapacitate the children. Following the application of these shocks, children should be transported to the medical wing for observation. Some children will also need to be restrained and could require further sedation as the effects of the shocks can be unpredictable.

Please contact your immediate superior if you have any questions. Departmental meetings regarding the use of the chips will be scheduled next week.

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