Research Document 21

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on February 21, 2423

E. Newsome’s Diary

April 17, 2403

I am so glad I put in the request do to independent training sessions with M003 and F005. They’re actually farther along than I anticipated they would be a couple weeks ago. They’re still not where Dani or Tow would like them to be, but even the eternally unhappy Tow had to admit that the training sessions were a good idea.

The kids work super well together which, on top of their already sweet temperaments, makes working with them a pleasure. They’re attentive and eager to learn, and they call me Ma (I think a shortened version of my name?) which is completely adorable.

Note 23I’m not supposed to do this, but I’ve given them names. Of course, they’ll be given awful, cutesy stage names once they start to perform (names, by the way, that are shared with at least four other children at four other facilities), but I wanted them to have good names, original names. I call him Tom. She’s Samantha. Sam. We’re not supposed to label them by anything other than their identification numbers, so I have to be careful not to use their names when anyone else is present. If I slip up, the training sessions will definitely stop.Note 24

I’m going to start them on glider training next week, and if that progresses well, they should be ready to participate in the opening show. After that, they’ll probably be placed back in the larger group training sessions. And I’ll have to go back to working with Martin.

I wish I had more time.

April 19, 2403

Note 25Riot among the children today. Not quite sure how it started. They had to use the electronic shock system to get the kids to calm down. I watched the recordings. It was horrifying. They nearly killed Samantha.

Note 26I asked Dani later why they didn’t just use sedatives. (Chris told me that before the chips, they used to pump gases into the living quarters to knock the kids out. That was way before I started working here, but it seems like a perfectly functional system to me.) She said that the electronic shock is quicker and almost foolproof. I told her I didn’t know if I could ever get used to the system and asked her if it was mandatory that I use it. And then she got irritated and told me I didn’t have to use it as a training corrective, but that I better “damn well use it” if a trainer’s safety was at risk.

So, now Dani’s mad at me which Martin thinks is hilarious.

April 20, 2403

This started out as a really good day. Chris and I went to the kids’ wing to give them toys. Most of the kids were super excited.

Tom wasn’t.

I had to shock him. I didn’t want to, but I didn’t know what he was going to do to Chris.

I don’t really want to say any more about it.

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2 thoughts on “Research Document 21

  1. And of course, the trainers are going to name the kids anyway.

    (Also – I was trying to connect back to the earlier document where the trainers are told not to romanticize or bond too much with the children.)

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