Research Document 22

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on March 7, 2423

WorldEducate-Charlotte Incident Reports: #0010 and #0011

Overview of Incident: Disturbance in B housing

Child ID: All children in current collection (ID numbers on file)

Description(s) of Incident:

1. Filed by Dani Harding

According to film records viewed by primary trainer (D. Harding), M013 engaged in aggressive behavior toward F012. It is currently unclear which actions by F012 provoked M013’s reaction. The conflict between M013 and F012 incited fighting among the other children. The fighting was stopped before any significant damage could be inflicted. Fighting was stopped using the ESS. Usage of the ESS was authorized by K. Tow and applied by D. Harding.

It should be noted that the ESS worked quickly and efficiently, and D. Harding recommends its usage in similar scenarios, especially situations in which trainers believe they are losing control over the children while in training.

Note 31 Note 32

2. Filed by Martin Astor:

Secondary trainer (M. Astor) confirms Harding report. M. Astor added that he believed that a fight that occurred between F012 and M006 was the impetus behind M013’s aggressive behavior.


1. Camera feeds (#101-#105) viewed by K. Tow and other admin revealed extent of disturbance.

2. Camera feed (#101) viewed by K. Tow revealed usage of ESS was necessary and that ESS was applied in appropriate manner.

Conclusions and Recommendations:

Note 33While it is unlikely that another incident like this one could occur, we still recommend removing the two instigators from housing for no less than five days and no more than seven. Since F012 and M013 have been the de facto leaders of the group, removing them from the living quarters should strip away some of the control they exercise over the others. Should this removal prove ineffective, more extreme solutions may need to be considered.

We also recommend providing the children with entertainment that could help them fill their time in a less destructive manner. It is further recommended that new toys be provided for the children at regular intervals so that they will be less likely to engage in aggressive behavior.

Note 34

Overview of Incident: Attack on trainer (C. Harris)

Child ID: WEC-G5-M004

Description of Incident:

1. Filed by E. Newsome

Note 35Following the return to the living quarters, M004 attacked primary trainer (C. Harris). C. Harris procured minor injuries to the chest, face, and back from the attack. It is believed that M004’s reaction was a direct outcome of the trauma suffered from the disturbance that occurred in B housing and the subsequent application of the ESS. Further viewing of the video feeds corroborates this belief since M004 was one of three children not engaged in fighting. The absence of his primary training partner, F009, also could have contributed to M004’s behavior.

ESS was applied by E. Newsome to subdue M004.

2. Filed by C. Harris

Primary trainer (C. Harris) confirms Newsome report. Images of injuries suffered have been filed.

Note 36 Note 37


1. Camera feed (#102) corroborated E. Newsome/C. Harris account of events.

2. Camera feeds (#101-#105) confirmed that M004 has not been involved in nor instigated any destructive behavior thus far.

3. Camera feed (#230) confirmed that M004 has not caused any disturbances in training thus far.

Conclusions and Recommendations:

Note 38

Given M004’s history of disruptive actions at his previous facility, it is recommended that trainers continually observe his actions to ensure that his behavior does not become a problem. All efforts must be made to ensure that he will not become a threat to the welfare of the trainers, to the other children, or to himself.

It is recommended that the ESS always be used with M004 to correct behavioral problems. His strong reaction to its use should prove to be effective in preventing future issues and ensuring that he continues to behave appropriately.

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