Research Document 23

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on March 7, 2423

WorldEducate Press Release


WorldEducate-Charlotte to Formally Open in May

Charlotte, North Carolina – May 2, 2403 – The new WorldEducate facility will formally open in two weeks, and the staff and administration have been working hard to ensure that the opening comes off without a hitch.

But no one has been working harder than the WorldEducate trainers. Their efforts have ensured that the opening show at the Charlotte facility will be truly spectacular.

Note 39Head trainer Kevin Tow, formerly of WorldEducate-Chicago, has stated that this new show will be different from anything that spectators have seen before.

“When WorldEducate-Charlotte first opened, our primary goal has been to create brand new exhibitions and shows that will delight and amaze our audiences,” Tow said. “We believe that the more engaging our shows become, the more invested people, especially children, will become in learning about B society and culture.”

TNote 40hose invited to preview events have made much of the aesthetics of the new facility, focusing especially on the indoor/outdoor arena space, a new feature in the WorldEducate-Charlotte facility. “Yes,” Tow said. “That feature was a recommendation actually made by trainers at other facilities. They believed that this feature could help diversify the shows that we’re able to do and get people eager and excited to come back again and again to our facility.”

Tow noted that the success of the show rests on the shoulders of the trainers and the high-flying skills they’re able to teach the children in the WorldEducate collection. “Our trainers are the best in the world at what they do. And the children love working with them. They love learning new skills. They love using the gliders, and they’re going to love getting to perform in front of our audiences.”

Note 41

Opening day at the Charlotte Arena is May 20th. Visitors—onsite and holographic—are encouraged to buy tickets to the shows well in advance of their trip. Tickets can be purchased electronically. Prices vary.

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