Research Document 25

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on March 14, 2423

Reviews for WorldEducate Shows

Many of our visitors consider our shows to be the highlight of their visits. Want to know whether or not you should book a ticket to see one? Let some of our reviewers convince you by selecting any of the audio files below. (Transcripts are provided for those with hearing impairments.)

[Audio File One]

Note 47Transcript: “There is nothing more exciting than watching someone execute perfectly what they were born to do. After seeing the performances at WorldEducate, there is no doubt in my mind that these B children were meant for physical activity, be it entirely utilitarian, like the work they do on the plains, or purely aesthetic, like the activity they do in the performances. The way in which they use their bodies is poetry. Every performance appears different, unique, new, regardless of whether or not they have changed the choreography. It is always breathtaking, and always worth the money.”

—Excerpt from the Charlotte Gazette

[Audio File Two]

Note 48Transcript: “I had the pleasure of being given the assignment to review WorldEducate’s new show on its opening day last month… Sitting in the crowd, feeling the press of anticipation, I knew that I was about to see something special because WorldEducate has built a reputation for creating shows that defy expectations… Never have I seen anything so beautiful. The choreography, once again, reveals how well the trainers know and use the children’s natural physical talents… Yet, I know that the brilliance of this show will pale in comparison to future creations.”

—Excerpt from the Chicago Times

[Audio File Three]

Note 49Transcript: “Before WorldEducate took over the Memphis Sanctuary, the children in the collection were treated horribly, and the shows were dull, not just for the visitors but for the children who were clearly unstimulated and unhappy. Now, WorldEducate Memphis puts on world-class shows that are interesting to both spectator and performer. It is clear when watching the children that they are elated to be working with the trainers. It is equally clear that they view these shows as nothing more than pure play. And it is this aspect of the shows that makes them so delightfully fun to watch.”

—Excerpt from the Memphis Examiner

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