Research Document 26

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on April 4, 2423

Equality and Justice for Subgroup Bs


What is Equality and Justice for Subgroup Bs?

Equality and Justice for Subgroup Bs (EJSB) is an organization dedicated to ensuring that Subgroup B communities and individuals are afforded the rights and privileges that every human being—regardless of intellect, age, race, or gender—should hold.

The EJSB was formally founded in 2400 in response to two simultaneous developments: (1) the passage of a series of laws governing the Subgroup B Plains that were created without the input from Subgroup B governing councils and (2) the changing business practices of WorldEducate, an organization ostensibly invested in education but actually motivated by commerce.

Note 50Note 51

The real origins of this group, however, were established in the mid-2300s when many of the current EJSB members began working in and with Subgroup B communities. Through these prolonged studies, researchers discovered that the histories in the textbooks, the articles published in periodicals, and stories told about Subgroup Bs were blatantly and patently false.

Note 52In order to begin the difficult work of correcting these dangerous misconceptions, academic societies were formed and the Journal for Subgroup B Studies was established in 2360. Though met with significant resistance, perceptions have very slowly begun to change among the general population. However, these changes have not yet impacted government or corporations, both of which continue see Subgroup B individuals as property that can be manipulated for amusement and for financial gain. This treatment has destroyed some Note 53individuals and communities so thoroughly that they are beyond either physical or emotional repair. Children have been stripped from their families and brought to our cities while men and women have been maimed and killed in factories that are barely meet minimum safety requirements or have been worked nearly to death.

EJSB’s team of committed individuals from many backgrounds is working with Subgroup B governing councils to create legislation that can provide for safer working conditions and improved living conditions. In recent years, EJSB’s efforts have also attempted to fight the corporate juggernaut of WorldEducate.

The current treatment of Subgroup Bs is morally and ethically wrong, but with sustained efforts, EJSB can change this. If you want to join us in this effort, please feel free to contact any of our members. We are always looking for hard-working people of all backgrounds to fight with us.

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