Research Document 27

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on April 4, 2423

Equality and Justice for Subgroup Bs

Our Projects: WorldEducate

WorldEducate Background

Note 54WorldEducate (WE) was founded in 2388 in Chicago as a purely educational entity that allowed visitors the opportunity to take virtual tours through the Subgroup B Plains. When the facility began losing significant revenue, the board began exploring new business models. The severe and lethal storms of 2390 proved fortuitous for the company. The storms left a handful of Subgroup B children without homes or families, and WE-Chicago had the room in their facility and the experts needed to properly house and supervise the orphaned children.

Note 55Within three years, they were allowing the public into the facility to view the children. Within five years, they had begun hiring trainers to teach the children simple tricks to perform for the visitors. Within ten years, they were using the children as amusements to entertain crowds of thousands. This model, with a few modifications, is what they are still using, a model that treats the children and young adults who live in their facilities as objects to be manipulated rather than socially, cognitively, and emotionally intelligent individuals.

Our Work


Since 2405, EJSB has organized protests across all the WE facilities on June 1 of every year. In recent years, these protests have been performed in conjunction with other groups, like the Subgroup B Liberation League, the Coalition to Abolish WE, and the Subgroup B Rights Network. These protests have focused on educating the public about the significant problems with WE’s treatment of the Subgroup Bs in their care.

If you are interested in participating in these protests or helping organize educational materials, please contact EJSB. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with this important work.

Note 56Publications:

Working with former WE trainers and staff, we have published a number of papers that have revealed the detrimental effects of life at WE for Subgroup B children and adolescents. The validity of these publications have been challenged by current WE administrators and trainers, but, fortunately, the science is on our side.


In recent years, we have attempted to convince lawmakers in Chicago, Memphis, Charlotte, and Pittsburg to enact legislation that would, first, end the performances by Subgroup B children at the facilities and, second, allow for significant changes in the education and treatment of Subgroup B children in the WE facilities.

Note 57Our ultimate goal is to outlaw the holding of Subgroup B individuals entirely. We hope someday to return the children who still have families to their home sites. For those who do not, we have plans in place to establish communities on the edges of the Subgroup B Plains where the children can live and work freely and safely, under the observation and care of some of our doctors and psychologists.

However, we have focused our current efforts on improving the living conditions at the facilities since it seems unlikely that our final goal will be accomplished soon.

UPDATE (4/1/2423): Recently, lawmakers in Chicago have responded to our call for further regulation of WE facilities. We are proud to report that when the new legislative session begins in June, Assemblywoman Harris will propose an amended form of our proposed bill.

Note 58

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