Research Document 29

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on April 18, 2423

Protest Documentations: 05/12/2420





Based on information from SR, we headed to C128L.

The protest was well-organized. The non-working adults began marching from their homes early in the morning. Some of the women held shirts reddened with dye. Upon speaking with them, we found that they were intended to be representations of the 25 workers that have been maimed or killed since January.

Note 68Note 70Note 69

Note 71The factory workers walked out at ten in the morning, joining the others.

The crowd blocked the main road that runs between the four factories. The protest was peaceful. The people of the crowd linked arms and sang songs. Management clearly had decided to allow the protest though they had also instructed security people to stand at the edges of the crowd. Upon closer inspection, we could see that they were armed with tasers.

Note 72When the protest entered its third hour, management gave a signal for the workers to return to their stations. They didn’t, so the security people attempted to herd them back into the factory. The protest devolved into violence.

Those who could, ran back to their homes. We counted at least 10 bodies on the ground before we were spotted and forcibly removed from the protest.


When we followed up, we were unsurprised to find that the protest accomplished nothing positive. It did, indirectly, lead to a lengthened workday.

This is the eighth protest we have seen in eighteen months. Short of passing significant laws governing safety (which the governing councils have been trying to do for at least forty years), we recommend providing further reinforcements for the workers. Contacts are in place to receive packages.

Note 73 Note 74

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