Research Document 3

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on January 10, 2423

Transcript: Recorded Conversation, 2/24/2403

From the L. Keith Collection, Record # AND83-A35

new sticky 7 T1: Base, this is Truck One. We got a full house here.

Base: Repeat that, Truck One.

T1: We got ‘em.

Base: Provide village location and type, please.

T1: Two males and two females. One of the boys is gonna be damn sticky 5

Base: Provide village location.

T1: North central plains.

Base: Site number?

T1: C127M

Base: Anything we should know about the capture?

new sticky 6T1: One of the females got violent. Had to hit her in the head a couple times to get her to back off. One died but we got the body with us. What d’ you want us t’ do with it?

Base: [Static]

T1: You there? I repeat: what do you want us to do with the body?

Base: When can we expect delivery?

T1: We’ll be in the city tomorrow afternoon. What about—

Base: Bring it back. We’ll deal with it.

T1: Copy that. You’re gonna like what we found. Every one’s a beaut.

Base: We look forward to seeing the children.

new sticky 8new sticky 9

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2 thoughts on “Research Document 3

  1. Absolutely, but in the story, WE continues to deny their involvement in this capture. As is explained in another of the documents, the facilities began with taking in children orphaned due to storms but then evolved into this practice of capturing children. (I think that document also explains that the capturing began when they found that they could make money off the children performing for the public.)

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