Research Document 5

The following document was filed by J.S. Cambry (ABD), bioethics student on January 10, 2423

An Open Letter from Our Team at WorldEducate (Charlotte Arena)

Published October 20, 2402

RD 5.9Recent reports and articles have generated understandable concerns about Charlotte’s new arena and the individuals who will become the highlight of our shows and collections. It is important that the public understand the entire truth about our arena, its staff, and its permanent inhabitants.

Here are the pertinent facts:

Our arena is not only aesthetically pleasing but also contains state-of-the-art education and entertainment facilities. The main arena will seat 6,000 and include an aquatic feature along with the traditional obstacle courses. We will use these shows to simultaneously entertain and educate viewers. However, we have also included more detailed exhibits to help further educate our visitors about life on the Plains and how the Bs help keep our economy running. Our visitors are also encouraged to view displays that highlight the work that we do to restart and rebuild B communities following violent and destructive storms. Through these efforts, we work to rebuilt the lost connection between As and Bs, a goal that our future visitors would surely agree outweighs the minor problems of captivity that have been mentioned by our opponents.

RD 5.2RD 5.3






RD 5.4Our staff represents some of the finest minds in medicine, anthropology, biology, and sociology who have endeavored to make our facility pleasant and as comfortable as possible for our inhabitants. Our trainers are all proficient in the most modern forms of behavioral modification to ensure their safety and ensure that our inhabitants always receive the best possible care. Our doctors, researchers, and scientists are all specialists in the care of Subgroup B individuals and have ensured that our clinics and surgeries have all the necessary components to provide fully for the health needs our inhabitants.

For our inhabitants, we have provided living quarters that mirror those of their native plains. We even provide them with quasi-familial structures with whom they will spend their days both in and outside the arena. All of our inhabitants are housed at our arena due to the loss of their home sites and structures and, more importantly, the loss of the families. In fact, the entire plan to bring B children into the cities began in the summer of 2390 when, following Severe Storm J, the B communities had far too many orphaned children to care for properly. We—and our partner arenas—have provide these individuals with a better life than the one they would have living in overcrowded institutions for almost ten years. We have not taken any of our collection from living and functioning families as we understand that B familial structures are sacrosanct. WorldEducate also has not funded the removal of any children from functioning families nor do we condone this action on the part of other arenas or corporations.

RD 5.5 RD 5.6 RD 5.7

We hope that this letter helps clear up any misinterpretations of our goals and ideology. Since our founding WorldEducate has worked to help educate our visitors and to create further equality in our increasingly divided world. If we can change the mindset of any of the visitors who enter our arenas each day, we feel that we have accomplished our mission.

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