Transcript: Recorded Conversation 05/3/2423, 1:13 AM

***User 5 signs in***

User 1: Martin’s always bringing home strays.

User 2: Does it matter? She wants to be involved, and we need more people.

User 1: I wasn’t complaining. Hi, Stray.

User 5: Hi. Thanks for having me.

User 3: Right. Hello. Does she know what’s going on? We don’t have time to backtrack.

User 2: She knows.

User 3: Okay. Well. Where did we get to last time?

User 4: The truck.

User 3: Right. How are the logistics for the appropriation going? Anything from Meg?

User 1: She got the schedule for the transfer.

User 3: When?

User 1: Three weeks from Saturday. What about the drivers?

User 2: Can be bought.

User 4: You’re sure?

User 2: Absolutely. I talked to them two days ago.

User 4: How much did they want?

User 2: More than we wanted to give. I had to get into the contingency.

User 1: Can they make sure that they’re on the schedule?

User 2: Already done.

User 4: Wait. Can we go back to the cost?

User 2: I tried to get them down. They’re not going to budge.

User 4: Well. We should make this more costly then. If we have to lose money—)

User 1: They’re already going to lose money.

User 4: They should lose more.

User 2: We’ll get there.

User 3: If we can get back to the issue please. Some of us have work in the morning. I’m still not sure about the site for the changeover. A and D are out completely.

User 1: Why?

User 3: Too exposed. I still think B is the best, but Preston disagrees.

User 4: I didn’t disagree. I just think that C is better.

User 1: We could hold off on making a decision.

User 2: Not for long.

User 3: You want to vote on it?

User 4: Or we could just all agree on site C.

User 3: Fine. Site C will work. I’ll get with Finn on the specifics.

User 1: Sara says she needs arrival times.

User 3: We don’t have arrival times. We don’t know how long any of this is going to take.

User 1: I’m just relaying the information. She also said that the half-way house has supplies for at least six months, so—

User 4: So, they can take their time with reintegration?

User 1: Something like that.

User 2: I think Johanna might be able to help. With the reintegration.

User 3: That’s good. Gene and May have a team, but they could use some more people.

User 5: Wait. I didn’t say… I’m in school. I can’t just leave.

User 3: I thought you said she wanted to be involved, Martin.

User 2: I thought she did. What did you think this was, Johanna?

User 5: I thought it was just activism.

User 1: It is. In a way.

User 3: Guerilla activism.

User 4: Don’t scare her.

User 3: She needs to know what this is.

User 2: She knows what this is. I just thought she wanted to actually do something rather than just teaching people about the horrors of WE.

User 5: I do want to do something. I just need to think about it for a minute.

User 1: If you decide you’re out, you can’t tell anyone about this.

User 5: I wouldn’t.

User 1: Martin, can you vouch for her?

User 3: She should sign off now. She shouldn’t be given any more information until she makes a decision. Sorry, Martin.

User 2: No, I agree. Johanna, you know how to contact me when you’ve made up your mind.

User 5: Yeah. Okay. Okay.

User 2: You don’t have much time. Think quickly.

User 5: I will.

***User 5 signs off***

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